Friday, September 24, 2004

Competitive Advantage and Workforce Agility

In the search for competitive advantage, workforce agility - a well-trained and flexible workforce that can adapt quickly and easily to new opportunities and market circumstances - could make the difference. Working within a structure that is continuously aligned with BS, companies can drive revenues up, keep costs down, and clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, large corporations are not effectively using their workforces, and they are losing revenue and market share potential as a result. Even though the U.S. Labor Department reports that the productivity of American workers rose at an annual rate of 2.9 percent last spring, a study by Convergys, Saratoga and the University of Michigan has found a whopping 84 percent of executives surveyed admitted they were unable to take advantage of their workforce's full potential.

The study called "Workforce Agility" outlines some common obstacles companies face in maximizing their return on human investment:
- poor alignment between workforce S. and BS,
- disability to mobilize workforce to meet B. demands with adequate speed, precision, and agility,
- lack of financial awareness at top HRM executives.

The full study can be obtained via Convergys Public Relations, Email: